I was found loose.
She found me at a point when I was like a goose.
Could she be an angel or a goddess?
That’s when I realized that she’d never make me less.

No, no words can describe this girl.
Yes, she is a piece that turns my heart into a pearl.
She’s the one who turned my world upside down.
She turned my asteroid into a constellation.
She could even change it to animation.

She is the meaning of sublime.
Every time I hold her hand my heart beats
fast like the rap of Busta Rhymes.
I didn’t appreciate her love.
But I’ve realized that her love blossoms like a dove.

No, not even poetry could describe her love.
No, not even she could describe her love.
She is the one person who understands who I am.
I don’t feel like I’m writing a poem.
But it feels like I’m letting my voice be heard
on how I feel about her.
Little did I know she’s my time that is always up.
She’s the ringing in my ears.
She’s also the pain in my rear.

I can’t think, live, write or concentrate right without her.
She carries me around she’s my cart
and this is why she holds my heart.