You gave me an apple without condition,
To prison I dug my foundation,
With false evidence law made conclusion,

It came with no price tag,
But it was a trap,
And I’m innocently trapped,

She kissed me,
Not knowing the kiss would kill me,
She led me on in the Garden of Eden,

She willingly let me between her thighs,
It was great I could tell by sighs,
Of rape there was no sign,
With fake love I lost my sight,
At court the judge took her side,

The moaning was romantic,
But next morning was demonic,

Police knocked on my door,
To police what pleasure do I owe,

The statement was changed,
With rape I’m charged,

She dug my grave,
She cried rape,
She gave me the blame,
To prison I carried it with shame,

She celebrated her victory,
Be careful, who is her next victim??