A lonely walk down a deserted stream,
brought with it a treasure
When a glint poured sharp light to my vantage point
And so heralded the spectacle of a form so vibrantly cute
With a name to match the shy naivety of its custodian,
And such potent a smile to send a soldier boy taking cover.
I belatedly called out gasping in tones of courtesy,
Only to drop anchor opposite words so rare and fortuitous,
thus they found their mark.

She comes of age.
My gut alerted my brains to my impending fortune,
to which I responded gleefully: ‘It’s my lucky day’.
While incessant visits turned out to be the order of the day.
Feline hounds hummed from elsewhere of pitfalls ahead,
Aided by resilience I retreated, though undeterred.
Oh yes, she comes of age today, so she says,
But I am to learn why at my envious expense.