Dear God
Bless that woman for me
She came to this world at a time I don’t know
She struggled with the tides of time
She tried her best to make it up
She felt like quitting but with endurance, she continued

And the journey is now profiting
She faced life squarely
She saw everything about it
She knows how mean life can get
A life so hard to phantom
She believes in ‘que sera sera’
What will be will be, so she told me

I know she has tried her best
Contribute her quota to the shareholding company of life
She is a fighter
She who has came
And saw it almost all
She has every right to conquer it
Thank God she conquered it

May her world never crumble
She really suffered for her success
Times are bad she never ceases to mention that
But it doesn’t stop her from moving ahead
God bless you, mamma!


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