She is a rhythm, your heart follows her beat.
She is complication in its simplest form.
She is hidden. With her it’s always more than what meets the eye.
She is rough yet she shines, a diamond in the light.
She is weak yet she is power, emotions are her weakness
but mentally she is the strongest.
She is beyond, understanding is required to see right through her.

She is more, served on a platter of less.
She is love represented as hate.
She needs some digging, she is no first impression yet she stays till the end.
She is the kind of beauty that never fades for it
starts from within then it shows in her face.
She, she is everything. Wearing nothing as uniform.

She is a fighter of silent wars, as a result she is easily underestimated.
She is a queen that rules in peace, hence her kingdom
is not popular and knows no fame.
Whenever she appears this way then she, she is
the woman you love.