A Young Black Woman, I am
Covered in nothing but guilt
I once was drowning in the dark
Now I’m floating in light
Beginning life A-Gain
Bubbly as ever like a ball-on
As I roll-on, a forbidden arrow struck
My heart so strong
It doesn’t pass through
Now I’m stuck with a broken arrow
Bleeding heart…
Wandering soul
Love of another woman
Abducted in Silence
I, convicted and silent
How convenient is this?
How desperate am I?

I am guilty and ash-aimed
“Am I really worth it?” asks the God in me
“Am I worth the tumour?
I’ve cured you many times before
Don’t try me to do it once more
You’re not worth that kind of glamour”
Face and eyes
Covered with masks and paints
Am I really a sane-t?
Or am I still a s-inner?
I’m sinking in thought
I’m blinking in thought
I’m a stranger to this
Though my body be insufficiently
Covered in lux
Let not the God in me, my soul, be in
Wicked exile.