Unimaginable love.
A love that sheds joyous tears.
Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see.
A perfect paradise or a torn in-between.

You keep and hallow me.
When I take a gun it turns into a flawed diamond.
It’s better than an angel with a rotten heart
‘Cause the love will be extinct.
In the process I will be a bad lie that got trapped.

It heals without scars.
Heaven became a bliss for not-erased memories.
Now I am scared to see what lies beyond the door.
Scared of letting go of my teenage immaturity.
I can’t be what you need me to be.

I am afraid for who will stay and go.
I’m a lamb that has been roasted for a feast.
When reality comes banging on the door
Will the devil answer
Or can my emotions return to me once more?
Can I be redeemed from my hopelessness of loving?