Tears of the innocent people burn and break up the chests of the offenders
The sound of the broken minds pierces their hearts
The law denies to give me back my rights
I am an inspiration of many
I’m that slave living in the graves
I’m that elephant living in the curves
Living in the corner of that dark stinking cell
Serving a life which is almost like hell
Serving a prison life in chains
Serving a free life in pains
My freedom has been buried in tons
My privilege, peace and truth lies upon guns
Snoozing in the corridors of prison
Yet carrying a bunch of talents for no reason
Knowing I’m working for a life yet working for a tomb stone
All hope is gone
You took away my freedom and my whole life
You are the cause of divorce between me and my wife
To more of the sufferings I have been
Enough of it I have seen
Thriving hard to reach the statue of liberty
Not knowing I’m heading to the states of poverty
As weak as I’m growing
As dying as I’m becoming
Knowing that I was digging my own grave I never knew
Standing behind that window
Recalling my wife as widow
Just as that cloud hanging in the sky
One day it shall fall and my dreams shall come to pass…..
Set me free!!!