Living a will bold needs uphold
Onset spectrum quantifies qualities quarrelled past-presently

Which resides within human spirits ascends upon souls
With them not done absent-mindedly
Moreover hyperbole

Resemblance in generations’ relevance relives abundantly age after age
Up sprang from death on earth by birth

Baptism of fears dries tears to drown sorrows
Whom swims shallower catches enormously
Afloat similarity differentiated not by materialists’ capitalists categorises communists poverty

Ruralist paves life on sight from grave
Systems valued be embalmed as emblems lighting traditional-modern outlooks which encompass who’s who

Which goes under nose knows no ease on pockets as hardly it comes easy it goes
Slaughtering plough witnesses an end to food not eat

exorcism by mutilating mentalists devilment on body shall itself be exercised pure justifies faith-prayer not hypnotises nor supernaturalism

memorizing the verses’ imported understandings close-eyed for the promised
Mesmerised by the beautiful natural land the blessed

Minds shifted to a tutelage with which enables one tan-tame he-she him-her
Graduates from lavish to foolish to luxury slavish

Who decides to delete heaven on earth heathens?
not only stereotypic barbaric gossips gospels remembrance for to give not for to get

Exchanges to substitutes reliance faith as cult religiousness as culture ours became theirs and theirs-theirs still