You are the most stunning of God’s creations
You are the light of the world
A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden
No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket
But rather on a lamp stand, and it gives light
For all who are in the house

Let your light shine before others
So that they can see your good work
Let’s not forget this people

Before we were born there where thousands of sperm
But only one was needed to fertilise the womb
In order to make a baby
Which are you?
You are the sperm that outwon so many other sperm
You won to be in this world
And yet we let people disrespect us
Undermine us

The devil will attack your thoughts
The enemy’s chief target is the mind
You know why?
Because the most effective way to influence
Someone’s behavior is to influence their thinking

Our minds are the control-centre of our thoughts
Therefore, each temptation begins in our thoughts
Before we do anything wrong, we think about it
Things you allow to enter your mind
Will determine what type of words and deeds
Come from within you
Each wrongful thought is the work of our enemies

They will talk you out of your dreams
They will discourage you
Because they are scared of your success
They believe if you become successful,
They will be less significant
By you becoming more, they will become less

Most people don’t go for what they want
Because of fear of others’ opinions
We all have opinions
Usually those ones who lack skills
Have louder opinions

Wherever there’s light, there’s darkness
And losing either one will cause
Imbalances and disruption
It’s good to be smart but
Not too smart for your own good
Play a role of a fool fooling a fool
That thinks they are fooling you

Never allow people who gave up on their dreams
Convince you to give up yours
I refuse to listen to opinions of those
Who have never and will never
Achieve anything meaningful in their lives
I know my purpose, I know my destiny
And oustide voices are just meaningless distractions
The only voice I’m going to listen to
Is mine, and mine alone

I quit listening to others’ opinions
I quit hanging out with friends
Not knowing if they were enemies draining my energy
I quit the prison of perfection
I quit!
“I” a letter that determines success

The power of I will shape your life
I am powerful, I am bold
I am strong, I am a champion
I am focused, I am determined
I am capable of doing anything
Don’t just say the words, you must feel them

Put your faith in God
I am not talking about God who brings the dead to life
But Who delivers life to the dead
The one who was nailed to cross
For me and you and others
He loves the world and I love His word
Because His word became flesh
And in His flesh
He demonstrated the word to the world

His spirit is like the wind and the wind cannot be seen
And if you want to know Him
You don’t have to wait
He stands at the narrow path
With a key to the gate
And all you need to do is reach out
And embrace His grace

I don’t care who’s president
I have a king who is always present
His presence is present
It is His presence that presents preciousness
To the world of peasants
I don’t care about the religious leaders
Who died and stay dead
I worship the one who conquered death