Pond lay on old clay.
Esoteric tales stored for the selected.
Feet sized bigger shoes,
Petals ignite the first step
Fate farthest from bondage
Souls sidle along love cables
To mend torn common grounds.

Thick coats court the Sun
Deserts behold its wrath
Time teaches the mortal
Yearns baked in loathing
Grief brewed strength.
Sage voice calls out tight grip
Bemoans tree cut down to size short

Tamed wisdom.
Heads lost the freedom.
Brawling in fruitless kingdoms
to withhold same old norms
That left feet on cracked forms
Lost here as we roam
Are we at home?

Beauty brushed from paint
Innate being faint
In portrayal of saints
Such in loaded gaits,
beasts short of merits,
trapped in mortal made rifts
Chained in shifts.

Dine tables with vine.
Toast in moods divine.
Emotions from falls refined.
Tough nerves not destined
To dissolve on roads narrowed.

Streams left to dry.
Emotions wrecked before a try
On the parables of life they lay,
Lips lost they say,
Knees bent on dreadful days
But love born to be hay.

Tamed is the wild.
Lotions steal appeals of the sun bathed,
casted on terrains malignant
but time always tells they’re pre-eminent