Your voice was dripping with milk and honey
If only we knew that your lips were laced with poison
What do you have to gain
From seeing her blood cascade in disdain?
Raising your hand to hit her again and again
Every time you’re around her
You act all insane

She tries to keep you satisfied
All her efforts and tears gone down the drain
All in vain
To you it’s just a game
All because you want the respect and fame
All she knows from you is pain
You want to extinguish her flame
You break her down so that
She hangs her head in shame

You make it her fault when clearly you’re the one to blame
You force her down to quench your pride and your urges
But really you’re a menace to society, like you have power surges
You try to prove yourself to be a man yet you act like a beast
You want her to be submissive like a slave and accept defeat

You shattered her heart
Like a sledgehammer through glass
You make me sick
It makes me want to spit on your grave
But I swear on this
You won’t kill her mind, body and soul on my watch
She will feel no more pain
She will bleed no more blood
She will hear no more of your insults
Ngoba sekwanele!