Sown to the environment and mostly edible and a specialist developer
Oh, I wish man could be like me
I am a variety, but easy to identify
Oh my ego, don’t you cry
In the suffocation of the soil, I suffer to forget my toil
Good night spirit, but don’t you dare desert me I can’t stand on my own
I am here to dominate the ground,
In this weakness, destiny I shall find,
Seed the man and perhaps he too may I understand

At first I thought I was complete in my first form, dull, I was as man
I feel fine in this decaying state cause only I know how I could be complete.
Seed the man.
Perhaps he too may come to visualise.

Good bye! Good bye, oh you darkness I once lived
You darkness that covered me
You darkness that killed me.
You darkness that hid the light from me.
Oh, you darkness that I was shovelled in
I may not be a being but consider me as kin
Seed the man that he too may reclaim his shame.

Farmer! Farmer!
Don’t you please reject me
I may not be the finest but sure I am
Oh yes! I am of likeness.
Definitely today shall I lose, but tomorrow shall I behold
It is all in me
Yes it is, this I am.
Seed the man, perhaps he will learn I too am of God.