With a heart abundant with sadness but longing for tranquillity,
She was only young yet locked up in her insecurities.

Her hands hiding her face, her friends could tell, she realized,
that her broken spirit could be seen through their very eyes.
“Excuse the bruises” , my empathy saw through her lies.
Protecting her bully, she wished she was dead…

Ignorantly prejudiced by the fellow classmates that surrounded her.
Unity formed by uniform, through and around them her heart pounded.
Her depressed and forlorn life presented by the absent parents ever since infantry.
Now her aunt unknowingly watches as her husband teases his baby.

Whenever her light complexion could no longer hide her blotches,
Using the same make-up that enticed her oppressor, she polished herself..
No one noticed that her seemingly colourless tears were clearly red.
sleepless nights, caused and brought by the great discomfort that waited on her bed.

One day her river of tears shall become a pond.
She shall stand firm and proudly bear with, her secret thoughts.
Her oppressor imprisoned, she’ll become a beautiful butterfly, no longer a moth.
Tranquillity she shall find and of her new life she shall be fond.