I have always asked myself these questions,
Do I deserve second chances?
Will I ever get a second chance?
The truth is I have never had a concrete answer,
People will always want second chances from you
When they can’t be patient when they have given you one,
I was told second chances are present in life,
You just have to claim them

If you feel like it’s the time for you to try again,
Don’t ever think twice maybe it’s the time you do good,
Maybe it’s time you succeed over weaknesses,
Second chances show how you work hard,
They also show you have grown in your mind,
Second chances change the way you approach things,
Everyone deserves a second chance because
There’s more to life than regrets and
There’s more to life than disappointments

I was also given a second chance but
Because of people driven by jealousy,
They took it before I even proved them wrong,
Now I’m giving you that second chance,
Do not blow it like me,
Do not have people without direction drive your life,
People won’t be satisfied and by the time you are tired,
They will start to laugh and talk behind your back

It’s about time you go and claim your second chance,
It’s about time to prove anyone who didn’t believe in you wrong
You need to stand up and wipe those tears,
Rub those wounds and put the bandage on them,
Go get them and go get your second chance

NB: This poem is for people who have lost hope, people
who are tired of being unsuccessful, people who don’t want
to live any more, from me to you it’s not over until God says it is