My heart is devastated when you don’t write back to me.
Every time I imagine you
A woman who can steal my heart.
I feel the warmth and the energy running through my spine.
I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

I know for sure there’s only one woman on this planet
Who I am ready to open my heart to
If I had one chance to meet you
So that I could give you a long tender kiss and hugs.

I wanna be your favorite hello.
Your hardest goodbye.
The music genre that you love.
Mostly I want to be your morning sunshine.

If the only place I get to meet you is my dream
I don’t want to wake up from it any more.
You leave me wanting nothing more than more of you.

It’s not what you say before we start to play.
It’s what you say after that makes me fall deeper with you.
It’s how you smile back at me that makes me want to stay.
Your heart give vibes to mine.
It tells me you love and want me, say it loud.
Let’s sing together.
Because I am loving what my heart is receiving from you.

One can only dream of a woman like you.
With you, all desires come to life.
I am warm with you in the freezing weather.
I am not afraid of a blizzard.
I am infinitely good with you by my side.

I am with you in abyss.
Through troubles and difficulties plus suspense.
I live with you.
I breathe through your heart and emotions.
I will give the whole world up for your tenderness.