Comparison is what killed your inner beauty,
You only saw your imperfections,
So substance abuse was your only solution,
That’s where your dreams were put to conclusion.

When intoxicated, the world became beautiful,
But that wasn’t your destination,
Then you started reading about face beauty booster,
Your confidence revived.

You just wanted to be beautiful,
You wanted to feel noticed,
You wanted the spotlight and the attention,
But you didn’t know that those scars are the real you.

You thought everyone was satisfied with your look,
But here are the sculptures,
You faced emotional, physical, and cyber bullying,
They told you that you were a cover girl,

The pressure was getting deep,
But happiness you couldn’t keep,
Your friends mocked you,
Then depression hit in.

You were now by yourself, crying your heart out,
On that cold floor,
Then you realised your life was miserable,
You could bear no more.

Then you took that lifeless rope,
You walked to the nearest bush,
It was peaceful but everything was meaningless,
Then your soul floated out of your lifeless body.