My heart crumbled as I felt pain.
For a distance we fell on.
I could run no longer.
My feet were enduring aches.
Scars beneath my feet.

My tears fell down from my eyes
Such that to preponderate my knees to fell on the ground
I could stand no longer
My feet were shivering in pain
Scars beneath my feet.

Thoughts whistled on my mind
Such that to vanish all our memories
I could dream no more
My feet could dance no longer for our favourite song
Scars beneath my feet.

My tongue could taste no more our sweet love
My eyes see no longer redness when they are closed
I could see you no longer in my dreams
My feet could walk no longer
Scars beneath my feet.

My eyes ran out of tears
I could cry no longer
Though my mouth could still pitch
Now my feet could turn back to loneliness
Scars beneath my feet could aches no more.