Samuel, Samuel, Samuel!
Anonymous call to the young boy
Who can confidently serve in the temple
Burning the incense patriotically

Patiently he answered the third call
Without betraying the anonymous caller
Who made him a cornerstone for the mansion
Unlike today’s Samuels.

They keep quite like innocent lambs
Submissive and loyal to their masters
Only to dump them like the Levite
Betraying their own people like Peter to Jesus

I have seen Samuels before
Who could not shout at their masters
Samuels who would always stay in the temple
Studying the Torah and offering sacrifices

I have seen Samuel today
Castigating his own master, Eli
Majestically walking to betray the church
Leaving his students in the dark pit

I see Samuel in the pulpit
Teaching parables in the synagogue
Confusing his own congregation
Leaving the church in suspense