Hi. I’m Bonolo.
Bonolo K. Matlala.
I don’t have much to say.
I know I hurt a lot.
I feel a lot too.
I love a lot, with my everything
And sometimes the wrong people.
I cry a lot, usually on the inside.
I have trouble sleeping at night.
And eating, most days.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
I hoped love would fix me.
But can it really,
When the only form of love you know is toxicity?
I never really know where I’m at.
I’m always kind of, just, floating around.
I know where my heart is.
But she won’t come home with me.
Because she can’t walk anymore.
She loved so hard it crippled her.
I’m sad.
I’m tired.
Next time you see me
Please give me a hug.
Or if you see my name on a screen
Send some hearts and love.
I might need it.
And if you ever need a hug or some love
I’m here.
Don’t be me.
Don’t suppress your hurt.
It’ll break you.
And you might not come back.