I tried my best to make you notice me,
Notice that I’m moving up and down in front of you
And not just a shadow you keep passing by
But you never noticed

I tried so hard to make you notice me,
I even stopped wearing my wig
So that you could see the real me underneath it all
But you still didn’t notice

I tried everything to let you know I exist,
I even gave you a note telling you
How I felt about you
But even after that you didn’t notice me
So I gave up

I gave up trying to make you notice me,
I had to give up trying to be the love of your life
Because you didn’t see or notice me,
I eventually had to give up walking up and down
Hoping you would notice me

Because nothing I did made any difference
I felt so unloved and unnoticed by the one person
I loved and noticed the most…I had to give up, so I gave up.