If I were to describe
What it is between you and I.
That would be Sacred Scripture.
That would be God trying to paint
A beautiful picture.
Of what Life can manoeuvre:
A happy and bright future.
Of what you can achieve,
When you accept that sometimes
You can be a loser.

Great things happen to fewer.
To the ones who accept
That sometimes they will be lower.
But despite the circumstances being poor
They remain doers.
Inspite of being too –
A loner.

I love you like the moon and the stars.
The feeling is always newer.
You are awe and divine in my eyes.
Our meeting should have happened sooner.
Your name is inscribed on my heart.
Our love has defeated temptation and lust.
We are one, and still that’s not enough.
Who you are, my spirit surrenders to that.
I give and I totally trust.

You are life.
The breath I need so much.
The kiss I want no matter what.
Even when you make me cry.
I still want to be in your arms.
Your touch wakes me up.
Your presence I cannot describe:
It is the power of love.
It’s like God is with us,
Manifested as physical life –
You and I.
You blow my mind.
And I think it’s right.
I feel you’re the best right now.

You are my favourite part.
You heal, and you hurt me so much.
You are the perfect contradiction
Of the true meaning of love.
“It hurts but I can’t get enough”.
It’s a laugh.

You are light, you bring me out of the dark.
Everyone compared to you,
I think they suck.
You are my luck.
My only one.
You make me wise,
And so I give you the crown.
Gold stars all around.
Though you deserve more than that:
My womb and my heart.

For being a man
Who knows what he wants.
For never giving up.
Always trying hard.
For giving his soul, body and mind.
I respect and honour you for that.
For rising up.
Even the bar.
Who can say they have Nandi wrapped around?
That would be a false claim and a lie.
Which I would openly deny.

I’m at your fingertips.
Eating out of your palm.
I praise you for standing tall no matter what.
For your brave and courageous heart.
For putting up a fight.
I now claim you as my knight.

Your big smile I love so much.
Warms up my inside.
Though it gets lonely sometimes.
I know with you in my mind,
You’ll be around.
For a very long time.

I’ll be loving you till the day I die.
At least that’s what I want.
So even when we’re in Heaven,
Let’s give it a try.
That would be Sacred Scripture.