What is so special about this?
I mean writing poetry?
Every day sending it to different strangers?
All over the globe and to unknown readers?

The truth is that I met someone on that day.
That is why I write every day of my life.
To seek refuge and grace at the same.
Pardon for everyday mistakes.

To ask for forgiveness.
When I chose my career over our relationship.
Apologies for each daily mistakes that could be taken back.
To say sorry when I hurt her and did have the guts to own up to the problem.
Most of all to ask forgiveness when I brought a woman to her house for my own entertainment.

To beg mercy when she was praying for my protection and safety in was busy lying with another woman.
To plead for a second chance for my immaturity.
I want to say sorry when I forgot to tell her how much I loved her….
Assuming me that she will remain with me for eternity.
But I was totally wrong.
When she passed away in lost all that time.

That why wise people usually say the time is now!
If you want to love do it now!
If you want forgiveness to ask it now!
If you want a relationship go for it now!
Or else you will sing “in my time” and find your self-regretting you missed chances.
To all you people out there in a relationship, call or send a message to your partner tell her how much you love them.
To all of you wanting to have someone in your love pray about it and have patience about it.
You don’t want to rush into something after getting married.
Then true love knocks at your door.

Cause there is no love that begins after marriage.
Love starts right now and it never ends.
When last did you utter the words ‘I love you’ to someone?
Cause all I have now is memories.
Running after them like an athlete.