Love or lust
It all has to do with trust
When love rules I have no say
But my trust proves if it’s worth it or not
Giving up my heart ain’t easy
But if you got it, buckle up
It’s gonna be steamy

I gave you my all at zero costs
And you snatched it at a million coins
And threw it away with zero conscience
Sorry babe I ain’t broken this time

Lust got your way
But trust got away
A million feelings are involved
But eternity doubted
You were mine
But now “mines” are closed
I guess H“our”s are extra

Since your heart has many residents
Mine has none!
All thanks to the resident of mine
There are double twins
“Lust and cheating”
“Trust and healing”
My heart had purest intentions

Can’t say much about yours
Break my bones instead I got more than a 100
Can’t say much about hearts
‘Cause I have only 1