I took the time to write this poem
The time to free my mind
I took the time to let this energy freely reside
I took the time to let my heartbeat carry me through it
I took the time to write this poem while I’m thinking of you.

I took the time to put together a broken me
The time to learn to love, and to truly be free
I opened up my crooked gates and let you see my soul
I hoped we would ever be young, I hoped we’d never grow.
The hands of times would never stop but so our hearts would do

I prayed that when the time had come I’d be right next to you
I’d sing a pretty little song, so I could see you smile
As the world pulled us apart, you’d forever be mine
And as we took our final breath, not a single regret
I’d thank the heavens and the earth for the day we met
And we’d be laying hand in hand, since death is guaranteed
But we’d be buried in our love for all eternity.