I never meant to loose my way but I couldn’t resist the temptation
I was caught between reality and fantasy
I was meant to stare not touch,
I was broken but you found a way to mend me with the missing pieces
Trust and loyalty wasn’t in your book

When you came and seduced me into meeting your affections,
it never came to my senses that you were married
I kept my distance but you kept on coming
like a kid who bought a brand new toy
That ring,
only that ring identified the difference between us,
you were occupied but I was a freelancer
I made love to you,
I touched that body,
I brought that drought you lived with to life but it came with a burden
I enjoyed the day but went to bed with regret

I loved the gift, the money we were blowing,
after the truth came out I found them worthless
It wasn’t a fling,
it was an affair that brought you to me because you weren’t happy
I knew you were married but I couldn’t get enough
Today I bow down praying to God,
asking for forgiveness
I lost my way and gave in to the temptations around me

When I came to your house it was never an idea to get caught,
I wanted to please you as a way of thanking you for the gifts and money
but your man caught us red handed and he’s assumptions about you were real
You got divorced, you lost it all
but I tend to fault myself for all of that
The romance with the married woman ended with tears rather than happiness to last us a life-time
We parted ways,
now I don’t know if you are alive or dead
but I’m glad that I made it out alive that day
A dark cloud hangs upon my head that I broke marriage
I hope you are well