Days are too few to be listed by a loving heart,
That would hate in a few days,
Friends hurt her every second she smiles,
I hadn’t noticed that pain coming.

I judged her, she loved me,
I have a map to lose her and she has a way to find me,
Would I find her?

Tomorrow is another day to miss,
But today is the day I have been given,
I have elsewhere to go.

I have walked a thousand miles,
Only to find out that she is nowhere,
To mend the pain that I feel,
In the middle of the sea,
I am trying to find help from a ship that
has no direction to go.

Thou, were mine,
Thee, were yours,
Thou, art a chosen one to be

My princess
My wife to hate when I’m found.

Long road was taken to find love,
Short road was taken to lose direction,
A second was left to die,
A minute was coming to find love.

Thee shall be yours foremost
Thou shall be mine foremost
Together we belong…
Thou, be mine.