I am from a place
That glorifies quick flings fuelled by lust
But runs away from love and trust.

I am from a place
That blurs the lines between good and evil
Pastors ‘raise the dead’
Patriots are willing to kill for their beliefs.

I am from a place
Where our little girls are not safe
Where we place monetary value on the lives of our own.
What has happened to fill us with such hate?

I am from a place
That fills me with fear
Our children are being raised on, and influenced by, social media
No longer do we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Instead we seek a meme or lyrics
That will tell us how we feel and what to do about it.

I am from a place
Where ‘equal rights’ are separated by the rich and the poor.
The rich have equal rights to immediate services.
The poor have equal rights to line up in queues that last all day, just for medication.

I am from a place
Where you are loved for gentle lies
And hated for harsh truths.
We cannot tell right from wrong,
Instead we justify the tightening of our own noose.

I am from the 21st century.