Rhythm of My heart beats, weeps with thy soul.
I feel it as it sheds a red river
Can’t this rain stop now?
Can’t it mend through its rhythm as it beats?
As it beats my chest bleeds, peals, seals.
Shedding a red river.

Rhythm Of My heart beats, leaves a shadow.
Cruising through disaster by disaster.
Melodies crash mountains high on cloud 9.
Philosophies tame wild minds.
They turn on me, faded, running the high ups and low downs.
It doesn’t beg good people to be phenomenal.
It doesn’t get phenomenal until you hear it beat.

Rhythm Of Thy Soul captures the beautiful talent of its nature.
It lures the taste of this poison nutured from its roots.

The warmth of this storm circles my journeys.
It brings thunder, lightning and keeps this red river full.

Rhythm of My Heart beats and beats and beats and beats and BEATS.

It’s tall and has no definite complexion.
Sure it has scars here and there,
But its imperfections makes it the soulful rock it symbolizes.

Melodies reflect the pain hidden through myself.
It makes me shiver as I discover my outmost talent to dance.
To dance reveals the unbuttoned caption of my rare black eyes,
So intuitive yet introverted.
Lean to my chest to hear this soulful rock beat.

Rhythm Of My Heart Beats…