No longer sure how Rythym And Poetry goes.
So I’ll make this a very short analogy. I hope you get the point.
Expressing the soul is no easy flow.
Sharing the things you experience as you grow.
Feeling mature.
Young but old.
Parody and sarcasm in one fold.
Wanting to share conscious thought.
Not everyone knows what’s really going on.

Some are deep.
Some are slow. While some are going wherever the wind blows.
Some are lost.
Some are woke.
Some have gone to war, while some share the love of God.
Some are questioning the Lord. Anti-Spirits, you name them all.
Some own the floor, while some are fallen long ago.

Barely holding on.
Grasping on straws.
Pain is hard to endure.
Observe Jesus on the cross.
He asked, ‘God, where did You go?’

So where do WE go?

Some say do this, some say don’t.
Some say heaven is close.
Some wonder where is the door, and who has privilege to go?
Some chose hell, but for now I won’t.

I say choose what you want the most, your heart is never wrong.
Never listen to your ego, that’s your friendly foe.

Anyway, I said I’d keep this short. I hope you get the point.