May the revolutionary spirit of Steve Biko keep you
May the actions of Sankara forever be in your heart
May the thoughts of Julius Nyerere

Be engraved in your minds
Mentioned are the greats
Countless have fallen in the name of Revolution
A love so deep, they had to rebel

Cut so deep, they had to burn to try heal
Blood left in the sand to grow
Grow the love of the Revolution
There was no glory, only pain

Brother, mother daughter, father gone
Homes left broken, unhealed scars just treated
Countless remain nameless
Sacrifices never mentioned

Those in the limelight dare not mention
Fallen soldiers running after heroes
Who are the heroes?

Chasing our own tails
The enemy has turned us into dogs
Throwing us bones to fight over
After he has eaten our meat.
How did we fall from grace?

Love of the revolution lead
To the ultimate sacrifice
They rather die kings than live like dogs
Thank you heroes
And the heroines that I haven’t mentioned

Sorry but nobody told me about you
And your legendary stories
All I know is
May the revolutionary Spirit
Of Steve Biko keep you
May the actions of Sankara
Forever be with you
May Julius Nyerere thoughts
Forever be engraved in your minds…