Yes we can!
Words I recite a lot lately.
After selling a branded shoe box with bricks in it.
Corner to corner tryna make sure I get the
Rands without putting in the work.
Creating the hype and never delivering.
Alone at night it’s deafening silence and
Just the image of me very wealthy but without a brain.
Heartless, I literally see the hole in my chest.

A few ticks back before the talks
In the corner back begging for crops
Promised us some chops but all we got was rocks.
Makes perfect sense to throw them like bombs.
Used to dream of being a promiser so I could do a lot.
Had a great vision with no blind spot.

Gear out of reverse
It’s like when I did my licence.
Drive all around only to stop where I started.
Alphabets floating in my skull as I try to explain.
Honestly I don’t even care why
I started ‘cause now I’ve got the belly.
In the light I promise stars but I’m acting shady…

I now know how it feels
How it feels to have false hope
Now I see how my people feel
Shoot your shot, get entangled and Usain Bolt.
Being promised a lot.
Drink from a bottle to hide the anger they bottled
The feeling of going nowhere just rounding a circle.
The fat get fatter and we just get kwashiorkor
Sad truth is that it’s our train that ain’t going
You’re in the first coach but we’re all in this station circle.