They have blindly lead Malawi into a river
Without hope of returning
They sit comfortably on Lambert sun
With their daughters and son
While albinism casess vanish without any trace

Return peaceful Malawi
Where are you going, my motherland?
Look where you have come from
Why are you heartless, Malawi?
That you can’t feel their pain?
Why are you so deaf
That you can’t hear their hearts
Pounding with sorrows?
Why can’t you see the deep scars in them
Why can’t you heal their wounds?

I thought you had embraced democracy
You children bathing in righteousness
Then why these untamed killings?
Why can’t we sing the same song?
Stop being selfish, Malawi
Money is an evil root

Albinism is not a crime
They are our brothers
And not millions
Color should not matter.