I never thought such a painful time would arrive
I never thought you would leave me unexpectedly
Your death took me by surprise and shock
You were my priority, I will always be loving you
You and I shared everything we had
You are the best friend I ever had
You are gone with half of my heart
You left me in an empty world

We were sisters not by blood but hearts
We supported each other in everything
I wish you could wake up and come back to me
Life without you is lonely, boring and different
Our memories never faded, I miss you
I miss all the times we spent together
We used to amuse each other
They say, β€˜life is too short’ but
I never thought you would go so soon
You left without saying cheerio

No one will ever replace you in my heart
We were devoted to each other
You left me with thousands of questions
You were my ride or die
I love you so much my friend
I guess this is our last goodbye
May your beloved, lovely soul rest in peace