You are
breaths of hope.
Should I not cope
remember my home
was love and you stole
my heart for your own.

I spent every second,
dreading each message,
each sentence,
feeling like a peasant
in your royal presence.
Gave you a present
of trust
and you sold it
for a few disappointments.
Oh well …

As if you’ve forgotten
how I’d once mistaken
your lies for a token
of truth
just to find out
it was just a cover up.
Do you remember
who you are to me?

I have tried leaving,
but I wasn’t living
before you,
I was just breathing.
Uhm …

You are
to me what I am to her
But I’m more
to her than I am to you,
It’s funny,
I love you,
and you can’t even tell
if you love yourself.