I don’t know what to say,
I don’t know what to think.
I had many relationships in my past,
But I never found that spot
The spot of love and joy

Mistakes happened,
Lack of communication,
Lack of loyalties,
Lack of trust etc.
I wondered what was happening?

What I learned is that
A relationship is something
That you need to work on together
In order for it to work and be alive,
I’m ready to start over.

I want a relationship that suits me,
Guide each other like parents.
Be like twins, dress alike.
Chat like best friends,
Fight like Tom and Jerry,

But never be apart.
Be like tourists, travel,
Learn new things in life,
I finally know what I’m looking for
Is for me to live my dream love life

A relationship is very complicated
But if you’re willing to make it work
Work together you will see
You can make it