I saw twenty two doors
Twenty two handles and knock bells
I need only one opportunity
One person who’ll let me in and welcome me

The dirty, bruised and unwanted me
This opportunity would revive my spirit
It would cleanse my soul
It would heal my bruises
I knocked and had faith in a nice smile
Open arms and sweet words
But the first door was shut right in my face

I did this at all the doors but
No one cared to give me a chance
At least for me to tell them my name
Love is the treasure I seek
That great love explained in the Bible
I have a river filled with love
A pond filled with compromise
And lastly my heart has space to let you in
And make sure you’re comfortable

Why should I suffer searching for love
When everyone else gets it easy
I am the rejected one
The unwanted one
Just like an aborted baby
Innocent and worth living but I’m never
Given a chance to smile and show my capabilities
Yes I am a fetus
Fragile and naive yet I am crushed
Before I get to stand for myself

Rejection is real
The fruits it produces are deadly and poisonous
It kills and destroys
For everybody deserves love and acceptance
But all they get is the “sorry try next door” statement

It’s like a double-edged sword
It pierces through the heart and yet affects the liver
It is a slow poison
Because you’re never told all at once to go and never come back
But a couple of times by a million of different faces
The pain is indescribable
And no one ever gets the message except for the bearer