I’ve let my heart to turn into a hole
Where everyone saw it as a toy
To play with, without having a pity for me
And leave it open
Like a store that operates non-stop

But I didn’t know that it’s affecting
my mind
Memories kept on running
not knowing that
I was condemning my mind

I kept on holding onto a past
That has destroyed my life
I may have blamed it
For ruining my reputation

Because I didn’t think about my future
Claiming that I know the world is ruled by me
But the fact is
I’m the one
Who has destroyed himself

When selfishness took place in my heart
I thought I was protecting myself
When jealousy took its part
I thought I was doing myself a favour

When my heart was having a book
A book that is full of pages
That no one could not see
Because of being ruthless
A book that anyone could not touch
Because I was claiming to be secretive

Even when everyone would try
To open their mouths
I would shut them down
While they haven’t started talking

Even when they would try
To approach me
To be open to them
I would just give them insults

Now I’ve learnt the hard way
For I have failed to forgive myself
And heal my heart
It’s all coming back to me now
All my doings have turned into regrets
I’m carrying the pieces
Pieces of a broken heart