There was a time I was plunged into deep misery
A time when I was ready to give it all up
See, I was a girl on a ledge, ready to take the leap
You talked me out of jumping off the ledge.

Your passion for art
Your enthusiasm for life
Your perspective of nature
You stole my heart, and I wanted you to keep it.

You were never two-faced, see you played the same part
I guess you needed me to grow
I guess you needed me to know
That there were some things that I needed to show.

I can’t believe I just neglected you
I can’t believe I left you in the dark
I know now that that was my lamest hour
I should have kept you with me

You told me you would be there if I needed you
You said it so genuinely, I believed you
But there was a time I called on you and I never saw you
That was entirely my fault.