I want you to know that even though you saw me,
I was always hiding behind my shadow.
And how I wish for you to see my true colours.
But I guess you are not interested,
you don’t care.
I hid because you threatened me with the wickedness of the world.
I believe I could have come out earlier if we did it
together. But why did I expect so much from you?

You were slowly creating a design of your own desire in me.
All I ever wanted were pink bows and unicorns.
All I ever wanted was to see that you exist, to feel a
motherly heart scooping me off the world’s cruelness.
But you turned a cold shoulder when with me in public.
You made sure I was always like the other boys in public
to fit in your selfish ego.

To say you were happy with me wholeheartedly
would be an utter insult.
Your smiles were either incomplete or distant.
Well dear anonymous parent: News Flash
I’m not your perfect desire but I’m still a son.
I’m the imperfect perfectionist.
I am the damn disappointment and
well…maybe a drag queen.