Roses aren’t always red
Violets aren’t really always blue
Smiles aren’t always happy
Frowns aren’t always sad

Beauty ain’t beauty on the outside only
Not just on the lighter skin
It is said, “Beauty begins when you start to be yourself.”
We all have our own definition of beauty.

Different is the eye of beauty
I believe that the inside of a person is the most beautiful and fragile.
It might seem like not everyone is fragile but they are
Because humanity is not simple to everyone

With humanity one might need help from someone,
Some just need a layer of polish
For everyone to see the beauty of everyone is my greatest wish

I wish the society was fair
If only society was never there
If only everyone was kind to each other.
Peaceful world for me and you

If only the tears were of happiness
If the smiles only meant happiness
But reality tends to take its part
Reality is like artwork,
Sometimes it is confusing

Leopard never changes its spots.
Reality is just like the spots.
It will never change to a fairytale
And if it did society would always be in the tale

Perhaps I should write my own tale and pray it comes true.
Because in that way the world would be better
Or even write to the God a good pleading letter.