Wet dreams on river beds
How life takes from us what we never had
Every day we work towards reaching never land
But how do you stay down to earth with an ego that never lands
Pain pills and pain bills for pain that never ends

But the beginning of enlightenment is the end of a world of darkness
Curious is this pen I write with, imagine if it was a cat pen
Imagine if we could all see what they try to hide, we’d all be cat scanned
Our primitive focus would be to sustain life even when we can’t
Would we be interested in mending hearts or earning funds

How would we justify how women are objectified
How mistakes are rectified
How heaven is mystified
How thieves are dignified
How society is petrified
How condemnation leads to suicide
How friends are parasites
Let bygones be bygones and unify
Converse with angels and get crucified
Let’s show love and scrutinize
Don’t look and judge, just look and learn
Everyone has a purpose it’s just something you need to learn