Oh how it keeps the souls of the lost,
granting them the opportunity to live again.
How it has a massive voice that warns those
who want to commit suicide and gives them good reasons
for their presence.

I salute you ‘reading’!
Just by reading a book we get doctors.
Just by reading a book we get lawyers.
I can go on and on naming them,
but at the end one thing remains which is
reading is powerful.

Reading is medicine to the broken hearts.
It is like a glue that combines two pieces of a broken heart,
to be one again.
I salute you ‘reading’!
You have the tendency to convince those
who lost their hope in their dreams
to push hard and make it.

I salute you!
You are the reason behind someone’s perseverance.
You know your work,
you are not even confused or unsure about it.
It’s either you build or destroy but at the end
you are still ‘reading’.
Waiting for one’s eyes to be open
and to start using you as a tool or strategy.
I salute you!