I had no choice
As i lost my voice
I lost my touch
And it sounded like ouch!

Didn’t i know that zipping my mouth
Would leave me in tears
Little did i know i would find myself lying on the floor
I felt like screaming my pain off my skin
Clearly all he wanted was to tear off my skin.

Reporting is pointless
As i feel hopeless
What have i done?
Don’t you feel no shame?
Oh gosh your excuses are lame
He blamed my dresscode
But that doesn’t give him the right to break my code

What happened to our country?
What happened to the spirits of ubuntu?
Neighbours heard me screaming
But they did nothing to help me
He covered my mouth with a cloth and continued hurting me

I’ve asked him to stop
He whispered in my ear telling me that i should stop acting up because i truly want it
I’ve found myself lying on the floor
White sheets full of blood

My life has changed
When i look at the mirror i hate the person i am
The monster i’m turned into
But i refuse to live in regrets
It is time we stand up as a country
Let us unite and
Break the silence, for good this time!