Months have gone and days have passed
But a memory of you still do last
I wasn’t looking for love when I met you
But guilty I feel as I can’t forget you,
If I can recall what part would it be
Or the moments where you exposed what you felt for me
But stupid I came to be
As I desired to punish you for what you did to me

Insecure and sensitive became my priority
A plan I involved on you as my authority,
I guess a man I wanted to be but
Uneducated your appearance made me to see,
Not old by age but a mind-set I had
Of a stubborn old man at my present stage
I’ve wronged you in a place of love but the greatest mistake
I encountered was to let you go my love, forgiveness I ask
In my speak but please reject the thought of “talk is cheap”

A thought of fears and a bowl you left me full of tears
As I wash my mistakes the way they became clear but still
With so much love in my heart and a everyday wish of having
You near!