Will I ever find peace though?
Will I ever find happiness though?
Will I ever find love again though?
Will I ever know how it feels to be loved?
Will I get a chance to love anyone besides her?
Will I ever forget the memories I shared with her?
Will I ever stop worrying about her?

Why are you waiting for a person who’s not interested in you?
Why put yourself through that pain again?
Why think she’ll leave him for you?
Why think love will make her leave him?
Why think she’ll wanna risk her social life for you?
Why think her friends will approve of you being with her?
Why think she’ll dump him and for you?
Why think she’s ready to settle with you again?
What are the chances of you being together again?
What if she’s suffering from chronic illness?
What if she wants to use you?

Will she ever defend you like
She defended people she was cheating with?
I wonder if she truly loves me or if
I’m just someone she’s using while she’s waiting for her soulmate?

Either way I’m asking a lot of questions and they’ll never get answered.