Am I defeated if I come to the aid of my enemy?
Am I defeated if I choose to redefine victory?
Why is this such a bad irony?
Is it not a good thing to put our hearts at ease?
Don’t we all pray for all the fighting to cease?
Is it just me who seeks peace?
Is it that bad to be good?
Why should there be a halt to such a mood?
Why can’t we all be filled with love?
Isn’t that the sole mission from above?
If it were to be accomplished,
Do you think there’d be anyone left to starve?
When will all the killings be enough?
Don’t we agree that times are rough?
Why should the important thing be the other’s demise?
Why can’t I prioritise one’s life and make a good compromise?
Why should such action be considered a big surprise?
Have you ever wondered why unity is infrequently advertised?