Endless questions linger in my mind,
Constantly wondering am I gonna make it out in time?
‘Cause the future may be bright but I’m unfortunately myopic
I’m still trapped in this loop of struggle, it all seems so tragic.

I question, I question my maturity because I still believe in magic.
It’s the string hope, I cling on with every fibre of my being
Even when the future seems bleak, I see better days even if it’s just a peek.

But still I question my resilience and resolve,
How I don’t go astray. No matter what anyone will say.
I just follow my mission from planning right up to execution.
Through the persecution from the non-believers and the haters

But I still question,
Why do I aim for the stars knowing I’m scared of heights?
Will my thirst for success eventually let me rest?
Is this life worth living ‘cause it all just feels like a test?
And do my ancestors hear me when I burn this incense?