Why is so bad?
Why am I so alone?
Why does my heart have so many fixed feelings?
Why do I find it so difficult to let go
of people who don’t care about me?
I guess that is how was meant to be;
To love and never be loved.

Why isn’t there anything going right?
Why do I still have hope when I am in complete darkness
and my vision gets darker?
I guess that is how I was meant to be.

Why do people judge me?
Why am I so imperfect to them?
Is it me or is the whole world against me?
I wonder, what have I done to the world,
to mother nature to make her send back negative frequencies to me?

Why is it hard for people to accept me the way that I am?
Why is it hard for them to understand me?
Why do they misinterpret me
when they have to see me the way that I am?
I guess it was meant to be.

I am asking myself these questions but got no luck with answers,
I can’t find them in my heart of hearts
I don’t even know what am I writing, but it all makes sense to me
I guess I will never be understood
I will always be an outsider to the world
And a prisoner of my own feelings