I tried to change
I tried to please you
I tried to make it right
I tried to make you happy

But I was punishing myself
In a way I could not explain
It’s fine though ‘cause I want to live my truth
Can you help me live my truth?

All this time I’ve been laughing
With you, I have been hiding a secret
From you and everybody even though
I thought you suspected I was
afraid to speak up, I couldn’t be myself

But now it’s time you accept
The real me, it’s time you accept
Who I am, it’s time you accept that
This is me

This is me and I’m owning my truth
And the Lord showed light now
I’m brighter than ever, he showed me light
I’m stronger than ever

Everybody in the world stand up because
When you got a fight song like this
You shall prosper no matter what

They look down on us because of our sexuality
Yeah! They keep judging us but it’s okay!
They keep killing us and thinking it’s alright!
And in the end we keep winning because
Love wins no matter what

You can love him whilst you’re a him or
You can love her whilst you’re a her
Or you can love them

Appreciate QUEER people
We are the future
We are one united organisation

We are QUEER